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The artist's way of life

From time to time I like to open up discussions like this and see what others think or feel about it.

The question is where does the knack for creativity come from ?

I've been reading some articles about artists' ( known or unknown ones ) shared characteristics. The one interesting thing that caught my eyes was : "The dissatisfaction with reality" . Now I don't want to generalize this stuff as each person is unique and sees the world through a different lens. But on a deeper level do you think this dissatisfaction is one of the main contributors to wanting to be a creator?

If I wanted to elaborate more on this I'd say creative people are usually highly imaginative people and they're perfectionists to some degree. So they tend to get lost in or inhabit their dream world to some extent and when they encounter reality they're filled with a sense of dissatisfaction. Therefore they try to create something that creates a bridge between the reality and the dream world.

So what do you think about this? Do you agree with my description of the artists' job? Are artists perfectionists? Do you think this dissatisfaction with reality is necessary in order to create or not?
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I did 2 years of Art school in Tilburg and finished it after 3 more years in Maastricht. For me it's not a dissatisfaction with reality. It's giving a different perspective on reality. I think there is some resemblance between David Linch and Alejandro Jodorowsky. What drove both man to create was not a dissatisfaction with reality. I think the act of creation itself... At least that's the conclusion I take from= the art life and Poesía Sin Fin. Every Time I create something, I make a decision.The more decisions I make the better I become at it... The closer I come to my divine self.
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