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Canon 814AZ an vision 3 500T, film speed

I'm using the canon 814 Auto zoom... I've had it for about 2 years now and have shot plenty of 64T through it.
I'm trying to get back into shooting on film, but have some questions.

My camera can only read up to 250ASA... I plan on using 500T as my primary film of choice (mostly indoors).
Since my camera meters this film at 250 (i'm assuming) does that mean to get a decent result I would adjust my aperture by one stop? In this case one stop higher then what would be displayed on the cameras meter?

This weekend I plan on running a roll of 500T and 100D to conduct some tests.

I'm also comparing what my cameras meter says to an iphone light meter (yes, i'm an amateur)
when I set the meter to 500ISO and 24FPS, I usually read around 2 stops lower then what my S8 meter reads.
It's also off for the 100D film as well, but not as bad....

Look forward to any help

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