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Question about using Movie Magic Screenwriter.

I was using the program, writing my screenplay, and I hit save. The program wouldn't save normally, and instead a pop up came up saying that it was "zap saving" instead. I wasn't sure if I should let it zap save, or hit 'cancel', to find out why it wasn't saving normally.

But before I could make a decision, the program froze. I waited a long while and cam back later, and it was still frozen. So I decided to shut down the computer, switch it back on, and reopen the program. Only now, the program will not open! It just freezes again, and I keep shutting off the computer, and turning it back on, but it still freezes.

I have a back up copy saved to an external hard drive but I am afraid to touch now, case something is wrong with the program, and maybe it will hurt my back up copy. Does anyone know what the problem is or anything?

Thanks for any help or advice. I really appreciate it.
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Make a copy of your backup file and try to open that.
(Did it make your brain freeze as well? )
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