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Round the world trip, need advice!

Hello everyone.

I am leaving early next year for a 2 year around the world trip.

And i would really apreciate some advice, as i am quite new to videomaking. I would like to ask, if there is anything i need to do, to get the best footage as possible, so i don't regret in a near future not having those shots or settings in my cameras. I mean, "look, you better be filiming in s-log2" or, you MUST bring a shotgun mic, etc etc"

My setting of cameras will be:

DJI mavic air (Or mavic 2 if it looks good and portable enough)
Sony A7III with 2 lenses, a wide angle, and something similar to a 24-70 or 24-105. (Might get a new mirrorles canon if they sell it before march 2019).
Gopro 6 (or new model if posible)

(I need to go as light as possible, only a 45L backpack, so i can't carry anything too big or heavy)

My idea, is to make a 1h or maybe 1.5h video sort of a documentary for myself, but it might go on to TV, so if i can get the best quality as posible that would be great.

All help is welcome, any advice you can give me will be great!

Thanks in advance
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How are you going to backup all of that data..
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Good question.

I will be traveling with a laptop, and i will be saving the data on portable HDD's and then shipping them home.

I will try to get an online data storage and keep them there.

Also, i will try to delete unnecessary footage to keep the MB's down (easier said than done).

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