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Question Copyright...for a commission!

I have agreed to make a training video for a hospital and they would two different quotes for the job. One for a 'buyout' that gives them the full copyright and another for split copyright that would mean I would get a percentage if the film was sold on to other hospitals.

This is a new area for me as I have always filmed on a 'buyout' deal and looking for some advice on how to work out the percentage and if I should even bother as selling on is not a definite thing but they'd like it as an option? Any advice is much appreciated as I work as a freelancer and don't have lawyers etc to turn to.

Thanks all
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You don't need a lawyer to decide on this, right?
You either:
- get the buy out and let them do what they want
- get the percentage deal and hope it will generate more over the years than the buyout

What you might want to know is:
- did they sell courses before or is it new to them?
- will they actively persuit selling the course or will they be waiting for the 'fried chicken to fly into their mouth'?

For the proper wording of either choice consulting a lawyer can be a good idea.
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Great thanks Walter.
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"Thank you for the offers. In order to proceed, I would like to know if any previous projects have sold to other hospitals and what exactly those deals were (with financial information if possible) so I can make an informed decision on what you have offered me. I await your response and look forward to working with you!"
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