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I need your professional opinion: How did they grade this music video?

This is one of my first postings in this forum, but I just saw a music video and I'm really interested in how this project was realised.

- How did they manage to shoot in the blazing sun but still being overall perfectly exposed? Do you think that there's much grading involved?*
- The grain is fantastic! Is this real grain or an overlay?*
- What lenses / camera / rig do you think was used? The camera seems to be floating like a drone? Or maybe afterwards stabilisation?
Many thanks in advance, I'm really curious!
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For the record, I'm not a professional, and obviously, all I can do is guess, but here's the evidence I submit to judge.

1. I didn't notice any aliasing anywhere, so I think they're using a camera that is designed specifically for video.
2. It looks like every shot uses the same lens, and it's fairly wide.
3. A lot of those shots would require a really expensive dolly/jib, with a really experienced professional who knows how to operate it. My intuition tells me these guys did not have those resources, so yes, I think they used a drone.
4. I'm not seeing the grain or the perfect exposure that you referenced. This looks to me like regular old inexpensive automatic-exposure video.

With all that evidence, I think they used a GoPro on a drone, or maybe even the on-board camera that is included with the drone. And yes, I do think they did some color grading.
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Could quite easily be a Phantom + an Osmo. You can get NDs for both.
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A drone requires having to get permits and insurance though, and in most places it seems, that the permits and insurance is actually more expensive compared to renting a jib/dolly operator, isn't it?
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afterwards stabilisation, blazing sun, drone, grain, music video

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