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Aspiring Mogul
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RIP Martin Landau.

He was 89. I loved him in Space: 1999 and also in Ed Wood.
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film guy
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Going to be controversial here, I suppose, but his performance in Crimes and Misdemeanours blew Space:1999 out of the water. Plus, I don't know if anyone ever saw The Aryan Couple?

Anyway, Alev HaSholom.
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North by Northwest

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Crimes and Misdemeanors and North by Northwest - 2 of my favorite movies and I totally agree that he was great in both.
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Alcove Audio
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He was also great in "Mission: Impossible" - the TV Series- as Rollin Hand.

For me one if his underrated performances was as Harry Trimble in "The Majestic;" it was so beautifully understated.

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