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job tending bar for writer

Hi, I'm someone who is trying to be a writer (of crime thrillers and screenplays). I've written two novels and am half through a third and four screenplays (one of which I've actually made into a feature length film). I'm now living overseas but I'd like to go back to the states for a few months to maybe do some workshops and make some connections. Could be either LA or NYC (I've already lived in both places). And I'd be happy for any advice as to whether trying to get work as a bartender would be a good way both to finance it all and meet some people. I've never actually tended bar but I worked for four years as a security guard and I'm tri-lingual and I'm a dual citizen so work papers aren't a problem.
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Maybe you can look at NYC & LA job ads to see how many places are looking for bartenders, how much experience they want, & what they're paying. You might have to get bartending experience in France.
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Restaurants are terrific places to network with fellow artists. Just a heads-up, bartenders don't ever say "tend bar"; it's just "bartend".

Anyway, there's definitely some truth to the stereotype of restaurant workers being aspiring artists, or "starving artists". You'll definitely find some fellow filmmakers, but remember, filmmaking requires working with artists of all variety, and you'll also meet non-filmmakers who you might find a way to use their talent on your film.

DO IT!!!
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I once tended bar and yes we use that phrase lol. "I tend bar at ______."

Anways it actually is possible to bartend if you never have before (but should have restaurant or barista exp.). My first gig was without any experience I just had to train and learn some basic recipes first. However your best bet may be a place that only serves beer and wine, and craft beer is very popular right now so you can make a lot of money bartending beer only. Perhaps try some breweries that have tasting rooms. There are a ton in this area.
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