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Hi there, Lucky. Nice to meet you!
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Hi Wendy! Welcome to Indietalk! I'll answer all four.

Originally Posted by WendyFisher42 View Post
Who is the most underappreciated mainstream movie director?
Doug Liman

Originally Posted by WendyFisher42 View Post
Which movie has unforgettably creative and effective camera angles?
Birdman! That movie is orgasmic.

Originally Posted by WendyFisher42 View Post
If you could work with one film score composer, who would you choose?
John Williams is the obvious answer, but I think I'll go with Danny Elfman.

Originally Posted by WendyFisher42 View Post
What is your favorite script and why?
Forrest Gump, because that movie is, in my opinion, the most accurate depiction of real life, in all its unpredictable madness, joy and sadness.

And what are your answers to these questions? Also, you MUST see 28 Days Later. It's my favorite horror film of all time.

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