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Great choice! gratz Will! I wanted change
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film guy
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Are you serious, he hasn't won before? : Defiantly well deserve!
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Will Vincent
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Well, since it's only the second month Indie's been doing the member of the month thing.. it's not so hard to believe.
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Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
chosen by the quality, not quantity, of their posts.
Dammit, foiled again!

'grats, Will.

Always a good reply, he has, tbh.
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Way to go!
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Orignally posted by Zensteve

Dammit, foiled again!

Hahahah well everyone is trying to win this race. I will enter in this race in 11th month to get a free membership again of this great site.

till then just enjoying....

Best of Luck to Participants.

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