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Question Marketing for "special interest" films

I'm currently working on a film which is designed for screening as an instigator for group discussions. We intend to show our film to groups that are interested in encouraging free and open discussion about issues arising from Roe v. Wade. Given the current socio-political climate (especially here, in Kansas, where we are based), we think we might be able to market this film, along with a "moderators packet" and possibly a display featuring both historical information and collections of propaganda from various organizations on all sides of the issue.

This is a new direction for my organization, which has been an alternative theatre company until this project came along. It was originally written by a local playwright for the stage, but unusual circumstances forced us to a choice between scrapping the project, postponing it til some unknown future date, or filming it. We decided on the last. We use film (or, to be accurate, digital video) in our theatrical works relatively often, but we have never tried to make an actual film before.

Has this kind of work been done much? Are there organizations I could contact or study to see how a marketing campaign of this type usually works?
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to the site.
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In colleges and universities in the UK debate is considered a valuable educational tool and these organisations usually have facilities to show DV and host events.

My first thought would be to approach them.

My other thought is that Arthouse cinemas might also see the value in this kind of event, especially if it gave them a good PR angle.

My other thought is that if you produced the show as a DVD you could set up a website and promote that. peopel would be able to order the DVD, with the moderator's pack, plus you could build forum elements into it to provide an ooportunity for feedback from events and a global discussion arising from it.

You might also want to read this thread


which is a debate about DIY indie distribution networks.

PS. My background is alternative theatre as well, good luck with the project.
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