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[Feb 26] What are you working on this week?

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El Director
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Smoke sims in Blender for "fireballs of death" that will destroy b-roll of cities for work.
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Modern Day Myth Prod. LLC
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Spent the weekend making an assembly / rough cut for the extended version of I, Creator 2 -- Goddess Of The Hunt. Looking at a 34 minute version, which may get longer when I start with 3D modeling with HitFilm Pro. Turbo Squid is a good source for 3D models. I found a couple of 3D models for futuristic cities I can use to show more on the cyborgs home planet in the new version.

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Was doing some sky replacements. Now onto some lava flows. Writing a couple of shorts and trying to plot out some features.
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Got my cast and crew ready on my microshort. Just gotta get my new camera in and I'm ready to go
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Shot for a corporate video yesterday.
Had a meeting with hopefully a new client today. Driving around returning rented stuff.

Tomorrow I'll shoot 1 shot and the rest of the time I'll be editing, editing and editing.
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