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Any idea on how to make a replica of a cubicle at home?

Well, I am making a short-film where there are two scenes in which a cubicle with a monitor and a table-calendar will be shown. Buying a set of cubicles is impossible, too expensive and I cannot afford that as a student. Is there any to make a DIY cubicle set with cardboard and all?
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The main thing that will sell it is that fabric and the office supplies. I assume you can conjure up office supplies, including a desk and computer.

As for the walls, you can use pretty much anything to stand as the backdrop, as long as you apply that grayish fabric
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Shoot on location
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I agree that you should shoot on location. Office cubicles are extremely common, and if you start asking around you should find one to shoot in fairly easily. One of the many duties of a "producer" is finding locations, so this will be good experience.
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Does it have to be a cubicle specifically? If not, you could quite easily set dress to make a room look like an office. Alternately shoot in location or you can buy those office partitions that are like freestanding walls that you might be able to afford and make use of.
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