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Originally Posted by Quality View Post
Well, let's say...

Assassin's POV: The assassin holds motionless his gun towards the opposite building.
Only his belly barely moves while he is breathing steadily.
His right eye is looking through the scope.

Mark's POV: Mark sits calmly on a sofa watching TV. He sees a glare reflecting off the scope at a distance from the lights in the city. Mark thinks it is nothing. He ignores it and changes the channel on the TV.
I kind of see what you mean, but I feel that it is of no importance. I mean that the POV is more, if not only, defined by the importance of the characters and not by your decision. Is the assassin the main villain or just a paid assassin? If f.e. he is the main villain, you have no choice to avoid his POV.

Also what if you want Mark not to see any glare reflecting off the scope and have him just sit and watch TV? How could you write the scene from Mark's POV?

I think POVs are just an explanation of a scene and not a beforehand decided rule to guide you.
If you want to add something because it creates tension, add it. If you don't want to add it, don't add it. Never bother about POVs.

I don't see why we discuss that POV thing! I googled "pov screenwriting" and the results was only about POV shots..

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As I said... You are taking this a bit too serious. Nothing was wrong with your writing structure, besides your English.
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