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Underage Actors?

When it comes to Actors who are still minors what is the legal process? I know that when you have actors you have them sign a release form handing you the rights for their image and voice in the film as well as using their image or likeness for marketing and promotion and other stuff.

When you are working with minors do you give them a release form like that as well? Or do you have to give a completely different release form for their parents to sign?
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A minor cannot sign their own release form. Parent/legal guardian must sign.

Consult an attorney and make sure you’re familiar and compliant with child labor laws. This pertains to everything from limited hours per day they can work to having a parent/guardian on set.
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Each state also has its own complicated laws about using minors in films. In some states, for example, they can only legally work four hours a day, between so-and so hours, and you must have private tutors on set to handle their school work. The limited hours is why producers often look for "twins" to do the work...each twin works four hours. Many producers look for people who are 18 and over who look like children to avoid the restrictions.

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