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Originally Posted by eomer41 View Post
Lady Bird. My initial reaction is that it's a movie that plays like a graphic novel. Perhaps it would of been more interesting if read in a magazine with photos.
Interesting idea, I can picture that.
Maybe it's also like old foreign films that focus more on character instead of plot.
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The Secret Scripture.

Obviously not as good as the book but was well done. It's always a challenge to fit a book with so many things happening into a 2hr movie.

Acting was good.

I recommend the book.
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My last movie was The Shape of water. And for me it's not so interesting. I like to write reviw about movie I've ever watched and if you are agree with me or wanna to say your opinion, look review Shape of Water
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Annihilation - This one surprised me with its stunning visuals and confusing story. I definitely recommend it. 9/10
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The Looking Glass starring Nic Cage. Decent slow build setup but no real payoff. There's a good film in there somewhere. I'd give it a 5/10
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The Ballad of Lefty Brown. 9/10

This is a good western in a similar vein as Open Range and others. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to those who like westerns. This is a good one. (Available on Amazon Prime).

Passengers. 9/10

I was really looking forward to this and wanted it to be great. Well it is good. But...damn, Spoiler: the love story does have at its heart an act of evil, or at least of serious selfishness. You can make the argument it's a good thing he woke her, or someone, because otherwise the ship and all it's passengers would have been destroyed, otherwise, as it turned out. But of course that doesn't justify his action. I mean, understand, I guess as she comes to, the psychological factors of his isolation, etc. So, my point is there will always be something rotten at the heart of the love story. Well, I was cold to The English Patient initially, as well, but naturally I came to think of it as wonderful. Still, not the same. Otherwise I suppose I'd give it a 10.
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Took a couple of flights this week and watched movies both ways.

Pretty good. Gritty and I knew nothing about the historical event and it said in the film they filled in items that didn't have testimony of it or where details were sketchy. Definitely makes you realize how many times horrific things that you think couldn't have gotten to that level, actually do and how they do.


The Florida Project:
Really good in the vein of portrait that Moonlight was last year. And that little girl never seemed like she was acting. Maybe she wasn't but her scenes were so natural. Dafoe was really good as well.


Was a totally different movie than was setup in the advertisements. Definite echos of other Cohen movies but got pretty messy halfway through and the African American family behind seemed very bolted on and pushed to the forefront more than other characters that were actually involved in the main plot (like the Uncle or the Police Officer). It seemed like a very manufactured plot device expanded up larger than it should have been in a distracting kind of way.


Just Getting Started
Just another older actor vehicle "Grumpy Old Men" wannabe. There have been a slew of these and they all star Morgan Freeman: Last Vegas, Going in Style, etc.

It's a new "genre" IMHO and some have been good and other's no. Just Getting Started hit on some good but mostly felt very "tired" if not almost "formulaic".


Going In Style
Another in the same vein as above and "Stand Up Guys". Better than the above but still kinda tired.


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Christine (2016)


A very realistic look at a person who goes downhill. It is a sad story but the production and acting quality is really effective in showing what extreme depression can look like.
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I read the screenplay and then watched the film. The screenplay seemed to start with a great premise but get off track early and then kept taking swings at drama that kept missing.

In the screenplay there's a whole sideplot of some neanderthals in a cave from the future (even referred to as troglodytes) who are looking back at some ancient history where there were giants, etc. and how the main character "Paul" was some kind of hero, etc. and saved them all. It becomes a narration throughout the script. It was excised from the movie which IMHO was a good move as it never is tied to Paul in a way that makes any sense.

The film seemed like it couldn't decide if it was science fiction or a drama (and not a very good one at that). It seemed like it was trying to reproduce "The Truman Show" drama and look and feel but in a near future where shrinking/downsizing is possible.

It started going off into the drama weeds with the intro of Paul and then his mother, then went further off once <SPOILERS> his wife didn't follow him and then went further off with his dating and then the introduction of the Vietnamese character, etc. and was quite a mess by the time the ending of the film arrived.

Paul wasn't likable and at the end of the film had made a very weak transition as a character. He was somewhat sympathetic but as his apartment neighbor said, he was also kinda pathetic and at the end of the film made a "self realization" that was very weak as the end of the plot arc and really should have been the kind of self realization that happens at the BEGINNING of a characters journey.

The film almost felt like a way too long/messy FIRST act to a longer narrative. Should have cut out a ton of crap, made the end realization the end of the first act (In a "Life of Walter Mitty" kind of way) and we should have followed Paul on THAT journey.

Good premise that never decided what kind of story it wanted to tell.

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