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I need a 3-d animator

I really need a 3-d animator.
We are a tiny band of filmakers in desperate search of a 3-d animator in the Montreal area. And we need this person to have a somewhat professional attitude. We've been on a quest to make a flic and you can see that quest for yourself over on youtube if you type in "pulling a Kevin Smith". We are looking for someone to handle effects shots especially and nothing too fancy either mostly bullet impact stuff. We have a script for a full lenght flic but have no illusions of getting a budget large enough to do it justice so instead we've created a series of short films that can all stand on their own and tie in, in some way to the larger script. We have the cameras,lenses, sound equipment, cast, make-up & special effects make-up artist and some lighting equipment. With a 3-d animator who can handle the effects we need, we could proceed with our first short. The people working with me are highly dedicated and loyal to the cause, you might say we missed our calling in life but now realize what must be done. None of us work in the realm of film making, we all have crappy nine to fives.
The characters and ideas behind our flic and short flics are solid and very interesting, we had a poll!
We're right there on the cusp man, we just need a little help.
If you are, or know someone who may fit the bill, you can let us know by sending us an e-mail at mydream4sale@yahoo.ca
If I posted this in the wrong venue then I apoligize, I certainly do not mean to offend anyone especially Indietalk.com

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