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Colour match practical lighting

Hi All

I have a scene to shoot where I need to add new lighting to some existing practical lighting. The scene has a couple of lamps which are obviously tungsten in colour. They are energy saving bulbs so not exactly tungsten in colour. Do you know how I can make sure my light setup match the colours of the lamps?

Any help would be really appreciated
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Which bulbs are energy savers? And does it say on the box what colour temp they are? You can use colour gels to get the temperature to match. For example if you have a 5600K or cool white LED you could use 1/2 or Full CTO gel to get it to a closer match. Alternately, could you not use tungsten bulbs instead of energy saving bulbs?
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Hi there, thanks for your reply. Its funny I was just looking through lighting gels and found those CTO, CTB and the Plus Green ones. I have ordered a few of each to have a play. I didn't realize you could get quarters and halves for small increments. Thanks again
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