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The Door - teaser for short based on reddit writingprompt post

So this is the sort of teaser for a short film I am working on based on the reddit writing prompt "There's a door in the middle of the forest. No one who has ever gone in has come back. Your job is to guard anyone from going in. One night, you hear a knock on the door." However this teaser takes place from a different guards POV. Kind of a quick world building exercise. Mainly shot so I could find a location that would work as well as testing handheld 4K on the gh4 it was shot on.

As far as the equipment. Obviously shot on a gh4 at cinema 4K. For the opening running scene I think I shot it with nearly 1/300 shutter speed trying to get that Saving Private Ryan beach landing look where everything is hyper focused. I found there was a bit too much rolling shutter when shooting 4K with shakey handheld, like during the running scenes. But overall Iím happy with the gh4 ability, color and all that Jazz.

So the overall idea is that the guard in the woods who is watching over the door from the prompt, he will at one point in the main short start furiously pulling his lifeline. A literal red string spanning a mile or two through the woods connected to a bell at the other guards tower. Was worried how this would come off, if the string would seem continuous and all that.
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