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The Wogglebug's History

Here is a link to a scene from my forthcoming full-length animated feature "The Wogglebug, and Sylvie, and the Enchanted Forest".

In this scene, Mr. Wogglebug is telling Sylvie about his history, and how he became thoroughly educated and highly magnified. The character and his origins are based on a creation of L. Frank Baum's from "The Marvelous Land of Oz" but the rest of the movie is all my original intellectual property. Mr. Wogglebug is depicted as a very lovable, friendly, and intelligent humanlike insect who Professor Nowitall created. I hope you will find his image and his voice to be very delightful as I do. He is voiced by Richard Poshard, who is voiceguy1000 on here and he gives him the very best voice I could ever imagine for him. This is especially true as he sings his origins mostly. A real film composer designed the cover music for it based off of Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Shawn Crosby voices Professor Nowitall and he has an excellent voice fit for the character also.

It is intended to be a very family-friendly film and I will talk more about it in other threads. I am very excited to share this with you, and would greatly appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism you can give me.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the excerpt.

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