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Question Common Resolution Confusion

Hi.... Simple question really. I'm wondering how one achieves a true 2:35:1 resolution. I can current hit 2:40:1 with an anamorphic but is there a special process of shooting for 2:35:1 or is it simply a matter of cropping the top/bottom of the 2:40:1 footage?



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2.40 is more cropped than 2.35. Also, nobody really shoots 2.35 anymore. It's all 2.40
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2.35:1 and 2.40:1 are both misnomers for the 2.39:1 SMPTE standard aspect ratio.

Confusion may come from the fact that 2.35:1 was once a standard (pre-1970) and that 2.40:1 is the closest rounding.

If you shoot with anamorphic lenses, a de-squeeze should net you with a 2.39:! aspect ratio. You can crop to only 2.35:1 if you like - it's your film - but the SMPTE standard is 2.39:1.

If you have 2.39:1 footage that you, for some reason, wanted to crop to 2.35:1, you would need to crop the sides slightly.
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