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Windows Media Player SHORT: A Lie for a Lie

Here's my short film "A Lie for a Lie". The premise is based on June, a female college student who turns to stripping as a way to keep up with her tuition. Conflict arises when her roommate begins to discover her secret life, leading to the discovery that they have things to hide.

I wanted it to come across that even though stripping is a taboo in our society, the way the characters treat each other ends up being more disturbing than the stripping itself.

Please tell me what you think!!! Criticism is greatly appreciated.

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I found it...I liked the idea but I guessed the ending as soon as I read the description. I was thinking "Oh the roommate probably..." And I was correct. I'm not trying to be rude, just maybe, constructive criticism? Even though I'm not telling you to change yourself or your work.

Also, stripping is not disturbing.

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Haha I liked it. I would have shown her stripping in the beginning to the make the narrative a little more clear. Also, the sound is a bit low.

Overall though, the dialogue is funny, and I like the shooting. The end had me cracking up laughing and that chick has an insane body.
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cant believe this is filmed at UMiami! I went there too. Dorms are unmistakable...
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i'll give you my feedback..
acting... is baahahahad
well especially the guy.

shots, i can tell you shot handheld. try using a shoulder rig, it helps avoid jittering.
sound seemed a little off
over all, i saw the whole thing, so not that bad.
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i thought it was boring to be honest, also what kind of place is this that everyone sleeps with the lights on! attention to details, acting was bit crappy, audio was kinda bad for me really boring.

it lacked any punch, everything just dragged on a bit too much
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audio is off balance and you need to put some kind of mellow music between the scenes
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Originally Posted by abigailprince View Post
Also, stripping is not disturbing.
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short film

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