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Do you remember the first time you saw the sea? (Crowdfunding)

Odh is a short film to be shot on 16mm about little Dinya who runs away from his village in Western India to see the sea for the first time.

This is the graduation film for director Naina Panemanglor of London Film School. We will be shooting the film on 16mm, and have scheduled to begin shooting mid-January of the New Year.

As independent filmmakers in India, one of our biggest struggles is the funding for the film. We are a well-trained and talented bunch of young filmmakers who are unwilling to compromise on the quality of the film.
Crowdsourcing is a new concept in India and we are hoping to be one of the front runners who can change the indpendent film landscape of India.

Please visit www.indiegogo.com/odh to see a small promo what we shot for the film. If you like what you see, you can support us with a contribution.

I think we can depend on the kindness of fillm-lovers from over the world to help us achieve the goals for Odh that we have set.

Thank you for your time.
If you have any suggestions for us, please do share them with us.
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