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Intro and showcase

Hi all, my name is Lee Perrott recently into filming from a long past of failed animation! Confident as always located in upstate NY and hoping to find some partners, or even just distant advice. The past year I've gotten some very very low level cameras (Sony MV-1 and handycam cx405) a bunch of lights, stands, props, tripods and green tablecloths. Utilizing my 3d printer and master skills in jerry-rigging I've managed to become confident enough to take a stab at this industry. It all looked so damned easy in my head, my first project completely fell apart due to a lack of knowledge and planning on my behalf. I had initially planned on a youtube channel but found a greater passion for music videos. My editing skills from cartooning would help here I had mashed up some horror effect with my green screen (creepy stutter walk behind someone, melting into floor etc..) . I decided t show them to a friend at work in a band known as TYRANIZE . He liked the effects and ambition I had and we set out to make the sickest music video ever. two weeks prior to shooting, props gathered actors found and sets built, all three of the "actors" we had (who were only fans of the local scene mind you) copped out on us. This frustrated the band and myself as we intended on a release for Halloween, the barn we were using for all the sets was available to us for only a week after that date. Deciding I would just record practices of one song and attempt at putting a play-thru video together was quite rewarding, could have been better but... The band seemed rather satisfied I however after all the effort put in to this, was grateful our budget stuck at virtually $0. This whole thing was a great learning experience and was the hammer that ignited a filming bullet to fly from the barrel of my mind. Now I'm taking this whole thing a bit more seriously and do plan on this summer making some several videos of a much higher quality!

So that's my story thus far, any input anyway on anything is always gratefully accepted! Also the song title is Product Of Disfigurement - by TYRANIZE .
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Nice to meet you, Lee!
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