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Question Need help on how to build a puppet/prop?

I for now am baking an idea for a short film, which I am really excited about and I think it could come out pretty fantastic.
However I am hesitant to go forward with the idea, or for that matter, even write the script, because there is one aspect of the film, that I am not sure is plausible for someone who is on an ultra-low budget, like myself.
In the film, I would like there to be a small creature, i was thinking something in the vein of the baby from Eraserhead, or the baby from P.T. :

Considering the mystery surrounding the Eraserhead baby, I don't really have a frame of reference on how to go about making such a thing.
I've looked around on the internet for all sorts of ideas, and I've found things that I could use, namely extremely creepy, uncanny valley, baby dolls made from platinum silicone.

I was thinking of buying one of these, or commisioning one of those baby ladies to make me one, and they seem pretty great considering that they look very realistic, and are farely flexible, however I'm faced with one main problem:
How would I animate this thing?

So I guess my question is, does anybody know how I could go about making a creature, in the likeness of what I've talked about, that is capable of basic animation?
It doesn't have to be capable of much, in fact, simple head and mouth movement would be enough I believe.
However, I really have no clue how I would do such a thing, any help would be much appreciated.
The puppet would not have to look extremely realistic, I'll be shooting in black and white, and not with the best camera, so something passable should be good enough.
Any ideas?
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