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The Flight of the Flamingo (2013)


Those of you who've been around Indietalk for the last few years will probably know about this project, and basically how it turned out. Crazily, it's been two years since we started shooting the film, and I felt like the time was right to release the film to the world.

The film was actually completed last summer and we had a screening which was a lot of funny. But I was quite busy with other things and, once the film was completed, struggled to be proud or content with the film we'd made. I'm happy that it was finished and a lot of people did good work on it, but I was never quite satisfied. Because of this, I didn't do as much with the film as I perhaps should have I didn't submit to festivals or ever really look at a distribution plan. Nobody sets out to make a film and then do nothing with it, but I guess there's some wisdom to knowing the limitations of your work and your ambitions for it. I started to feel like FOTF didn't represent my artistic vision it was more of a feat of planning and preparation to shoot a film for that little money in just 11 days and perhaps wasn't something I wanted to take much further than that Premiere screening.

Now I feel like I might as well release the film for free. Phil has moved on to much bigger and better things, and I'm working hard to realise other projects, so there's no one who really has a lasting investment in the project. And, when I look at it like that, I'm quite happy with the film. It's a fun watch, nothing too heavy or ponderous, and there's some nice London photography and we got some decent actors onboard. For less than $10k, we made a pretty decent film. If you're looking for a British dark comedy about dog kidnapping, this isn't a bad place to start.

Of course it has flaws, and I know these flaws better than anyone. But I hope that some of you find it vaguely entertaining. It comes in at just under 70 mins, so won't take all your life to watch, especially if you break it up into a few viewings. I actually think it might've worked better as a web-series...

Lastly, let me throw out some thank yous to all the Indietalkers who were involved in the project: Phil_UK (DoP), Cracker Funk (Editor), Harpsichoid (Composer), chilipie (Colorist & 2nd unit photography), Dreadylocks (Website Desginer), ItDonnedOnMe (FTP angel and associate producer) and, of course, everyone else who gave money and/or support!

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Congratulations on the release of this project! I remember years ago when you first brought it to the table - I've bookmarked it and very much look forward to watching it this week.
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Congrats man! Going to check it out sometime this week
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Looking forward to watching this!
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Awwww yisss \o/

Gonna watch it next day off. Been waiting to see this puppy a long time.
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Congratulations, Nick!
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Hell yeah! Lots of terrific talent involved in this one. Super proud to be part of it.
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Congrads. $10k can be spent in the blink of an eye in the film making world. Well done for completing a feature for that ultra low amount.

p.s. Most of the shorts that get into Sundance cost well over $10k. The features, $2m+
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Really glad to see this completed!
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