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'Maz-zo-man-nee' - Short Film - Feedback Please?

Would love some feedback!

Would love to talk more about it if anyone has any questions!
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As in Mazomanie, Wisconsin? Even if it isn't, could be.

I thought it was quite nice. Like a relaxing slice of life video. Scenic. Interesting looking MC.

One thing I thought about while I watched was the framing/composition. I felt like a number of times you put the focal point smack dab in the center of the composition, or close to it. And similarly, in that lovely shot with the MC canoeing across the screen, he's "exiting" the shot, rather than "entering" it.

Not saying those choices were wrong. I'm only saying that I was thinking about those things while I watched. Maybe they bothered me slightly, but only slightly.

I might have chosen to shoot them all off-center more consistently, or I might have tried to follow the three-thirds guide more.

But who's to say I wouldn't have made the very same choices you made, if I had been there and had been faced with the same circumstances? Or shot them in yet another way I'm not imagining?

Lovely fall colors. That last shot of the MC fading into the fog is probably the crème de la crème, or at least the most dramatically suggestive, for obvious reasons. Very nice that you could capture that.

Very nice work. =)
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Congrads on completing your short.

Takes a lot of work to get one in the can.
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thanks guys!

yeah we shot this on the wisconsin river, near mazomanie; which inspired the name

shooting on a canoe was just about the hardest thing we've ever done. became nearly impossibly to execute any of our shot ideas, so the framing was more circumstance and chance than intention. we basically had to throw our shotlist out the door and just try to keep the canoe in frame for more than 5 seconds at a time, ha
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