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The Wogglebug, and Sylvie, and the Enchanted Forest: A new Family/Fantasy film.

My first movie, "The Wogglebug, and Sylvie, and the Enchanted Forest" has undergone multiple rewrites since I last posted here. By both me and a co-writer, Richard Poshard, who is also the voice of the Wogglebug and provides THE best voice I could ever desire for the character.

The feedback I have received from a few readers has been mainly positive. I've been told the script has the sort of childlike whimsy of Dr. Seuss and the sort of deep level of world creation of Tolkien's Middle Earth, and the sort of alternate world to ours with a likable heroine of Alice in Wonderland. I was told by one reader the movie is like "The Wizard of Oz" meets "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." And another reader said it's like a sort of "The Ant Bully" in reverse meets Narnia. The former is more from Sylvie's point of view and the latter is more from the Wogglebug's point of view.

And yes, Sylvie is a strong girl character who is necessary to the Wogglebug's destiny in the series. My latest feedback on the new version of the screenplay is that Sylvie is just such and she is like "an almost perfect combination of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Lucy from the Narnia Chronicles." I like that because that is what I think also. And so she is just the very sort of girl who the Wogglebug needs for his truest friend.

When Richard Poshard received his own feedback on the script from someone he knew he reported to me this: "She said adults would find it too childish and children would not be able to grasp the bigger ideas presented within. Then I said that was rather the idea of it. That this would enable opportunities for parents to discuss these things with their children. Then she said 'well, in that case you hit your target'."

I am happy to talk more about what I am doing here. I will gladly answer anymore questions anyone has for me.
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