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Producer/director Roger Corman, who has made over 400 films, once gave the following advice at a filmmaking seminar..."don't make films to make money, make films for the love of making films". So we have to ask ourselves the question, do we make movies because we like the process of making a film, or do we do it to make money?... Corman knows that it's the MONEY part that can depress you. If we can take the money part out of the equation, we love what we do. Why does a blues singer sing in a church choir? Answer: He/she realistically cannot make money as a professional singer, but you can sing your heart out for free on Sunday...and do one hell of a good job...and love every minute of it. No money is involved. Filmmaking is the same. If we really like the craft of filmmaking (and can take away the money part), we can volunteer to work on other people's films...shoot, edit, write, score...without worrying about a profit or debt. Or we can make our own no budget film where everybody works for free, and EVERYBODY (including ourselves), has a wonderful time. If the film is not sold, or doesn't make any money...WHO CARES. You did it for the love of the craft. If our goal to making films is all about making money, then we should consider working on other people's films, using THEIR money and not ours...like working as a freelance cameraman, editor, location scout, wardrobe person, or whatever we are good at. As for me?...I've done all of the above.
Other people paid me for over 30 years to work as their cameraman/editor, and since I have "retired" my wife and I have produced over a dozen "no budget" feature films, and have enjoyed every moment of it. None of the films have made back the cost of feeding a cast and crew, but...we don't care...we make films because we "love making films". Everyone has a different story. That is ours. Hollywood is a dream, just like singing, or writing a novel. Everyone wants to do it, but few are called. But you can still call the shots with a different plan...

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Very nice, Rayandmigdalia
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I wasn't active on this forum at that time but, damn, 2005 was when I graduated high school and when my group started getting really active in the indy stunt community. We were still using a Sony Handycam Hi8. We then graduated to a Panasonic DVX100b in 2008. Now we're using a Canon 60D DSLR which we started using in 2011. And we recently picked up a DJI Osmo is which a badass piece of equipment.

My cousin now does stuntwork in Los Angeles and theme parks (Universal/Knotts). We rarely shoot anymore other than for 48 Hour/4 Points Film Fests.
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