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Dunno how to take it: All my connections use me to ask my friend to direct?

I've been directing since 2002 and have a decent line of work.

I often bring my friend to set to help me on shoots.

He has the look of a director (simple clothes, director hat, facial hair, etc.) He likes to recite a lot of facts from 1960s-1990s films. Maybe that's impressive? He just started directing. In fact his last thing he directed, everyone walked off set.

I do both acting and directing. I often teach him proper framing and how to talk to people/actors. People are surprised when he gets on set because he says "wow this shot looks amazing" when he was shooting u into the actress' nose.

He likes to shoot gritty, realistic stuff. I prefer fantasy. Maybe that's a huge part in it?

I found out recently that two of my big connections went around me to contact him privately to direct their feature. I felt a little betrayed by them but also happy for my friend.

I'm not sure how to roll with it. I'm wondering if I should brag about myself more, I tend to stay humble and modest about my work. A lot of actors have said I'm the best director Theyve worked with. But he seems to get all the rich clients..
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Well, if they go around you, they don't really use you.

Don't focus on him. If he is not good: they will regret theat choice.

The question is: what do you do to maintain your network? How do you make sure you stay top of mind?
Between the lines this seems to be about marketing yourself.
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Well if he's your friend and he took your directing gig the least he can do is cast you as an actor right?? Guilt trip him into it lol.
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Your "connections" went around you.

Well you are not their exclusive director so really they did not go around you. They either liked him and contacted him which is fine, or he reached out to them, which is also fine. If he secretly bumped you off a film he knew you were slated to direct, that would be another thing. But... it's the biz, a producer should get the director he wants, right?
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