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Monsters did this too, in a sense. I think there was a script but much of it was done on the fly, chopped and changed and ad libbed. They would see a good location, or one that they felt had potential and jump out and film a scene using whatever people they could. For example, that whole scene where they buy tickets to america and are negotiating the price, was done on the fly. They just grabbed an employee that spoke english and went with it. Also, towards the beginning, that scene with the workers and the half knocked down building was done the same way.

See the special features on the Blu-ray for more info about this (possibly DVD special features as well, have not checked)
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My films up to this point have not had scripts-I make them and go from my head-a couple of projects down the pike I have that will involve more than one person and are more complex will have scripts-including my slowly coming to form Mask Documentary.
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Good info guys, looks like next weekend we are shooting another one (This time my friend Mike is overseeing the production) so I don't have all the details yet other than once again I may be acting a small bit in addition to the scene set-up and camera work.
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