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Is this going to be a good and cheap short(very political/no country for old men)?

On Terrorism (Islamic radical).

One car begins driving and the camera shows street without showing driver.


Our big city is a modern city, and beautiful. But the underlying of this beautiful city is –voice of continuous beep- is endless violence not all even think or know about it. People usually call this trivial and accuse us with words like pessimistic or unrealistic, believing it is not easy. It is not like talking to radio or being verbose, we only see what exists, those of us who saw all so much violence closely and could measure the level of mischief in it.

In the third year of university in the field of criminology, as to be police officers, we had to deal with the real world examples and show what we have learned. They were real crazy wrongdoers who were in charge of killing many people as easily as possible. It wasn't like a joke. We knew we could be dead. Some of us gave up. However, some of us accepted that it is what they can do and stayed.

They stop, the cam shows them who are two officers, one gets out and shakes hand with someone else.

Police officer

Hello Sir

The man

Is there any problem?

Police officer

No, no Sir. I just want to make sure you have been upon the law

The man

I was.

Police officer

I mean the tag, I can’t see it.

The man

I’ll get it.

Police officer

Please introduce yourself to the first police checkpoint and tell them to give you temporary license for this day

The man

Yes, Sir

The police officer

You will have to pay $20 for it.

The man

OK, I will.

The police

Sir, I wish you a good day.

The man

Thank you, okay.

And the police officer comes back to the car and they continue driving.

Voice over

After ten years, the situation got better, but we still fight for those who want to survive. Not to say we are that successful, the enemy is always some steps ahead. He sees you and likes you to lose him. Is in a play with you. You feel his presence, every time, you are one step closer to him, but it is how he is, not what he wants.

They are behind red light

One officer bends down and picks a coffee flask,

Police officer

We need to fill the flask with coffee

The driver

Oh, yeah!!

The driver

What about a cup of juice?

The police


The driver

I mean what is your choice? Carrot? Orange?

The colleague officer

I am with first,

The driver

Okay, so, here is a good one store.

The scene fades out



Written by


Some voices in waki taki (colleagues talk/420 Eastern, I am there, yes Sir)

Fades in

Two police officers in the street standing are waiting for their cups of carrot juices to be prepared.

Camera zooms out and in to show them.

Voice: the juice making machine working

Suddenly, one of them will be shot.

The alive officer gets his colt & sees top of floors, and sees a piece of cloth for a moment.

The alive officer (in waki-taki)

A shooting in my position, I am going to follow the killer.

Old poor beard man sitting there hints go up. Then starts fluting…

He goes up, and no one is there, and returns to ground… Everything is usual. Suddenly, one driver steps the gas pedal of car and goes by car quickly.

The alive officer in waki-taki

Need a car – Soon

Police office

Yes, one is coming getting to you soon…

The police car follows up the car to a silent street

One shots the police car with an RPG (or something like that) and nothing of the police car remains (burns in fire)

The fade out

A new scene

Left down of screen

Los Angeles - CA

Music is played

One man is trying to walk on the thread and one window is shown and a woman sees the street. Then the cam shows the street and some people run away from a shop, two police officers come and sometimes go in and come out and then after some shouts and pointing by colt they arrest one man without any shooting. And then, a small dog comes out of the shop and runs away.

Camera follows a police officer and goes to inside of the shop

Inside the Shop

Every stuff is thrown (not in its place) and chaos is evident

He wrote with spray everywhere on walls in shop: "black jack".

Then screen becomes dark and writes down following in white

Black Jack is a black man who is the boss of a gangster group who does try to rule the county. Such groups were created after 1960s separating movements who were started by some 27 state governors to make federal govt listen to them. Their excuse was extending the free healthcare to all states of the United States and preventing tax on any type of drug. Their movement randomly coincided with 1967 spread of tomato’s silent killer sickness and they could gain popularity. But the govt didn't pay attention to them and crack downed them as Policy of Colombian Umbrella. We don't know much about number of people jailed and most people have forgotten about that event. But some of those people still use or abuse such names which are popular among them for themselves. Black Jack is one of them. Specially loved by the black people, who form a big group.

Los Angeles Mosque – 1990

Voice of Azan

People are getting in for prayer

LA police – Criminals department

The boss

( his feet are on the table)

I want you to find something for me soon. Whatever it is, it should point to that criminal.

The police officer

Yes Sir

The boss

What is it?

A police officer

In the file, it reads He killed five until now by wine bottle necks & all were Jews

The boss

How did he kill?

The officer

Bottle necks

The boss to another

You can go

The boss

Who is he? Is he a Nazi?

The officer

I don’t know Sir, but colleagues think it should be related to wines,

The boss

No, it can’t be about price of wines. It is in more depth.

The officer

We also think so

The boss

I suspect the religious hatred here

The officer

We suspect radical Islam

The boss

You should catch the lead prayer Imam; I’ve heard he is a radical man.

The officer

No, We can’t.

Another officer

Sir, there will be a big outrage

The boss

I don’t care, I want to do my job and they should understand this

The officer

But Sir, all accusers point to us if we act inappropriately

The boss

I am a policeman, like you officer

The officer

Yes, Sir

The boss

You know what you should you ask me?

The officer


The boss

Exactly, Nothing!

Now go & follow the instructions I gave you.

The officer

Yes, Sir. We’ll bring him to you as soon as possible.

The scene shows police taking the prayer Imam to police car & riots & slogan chanting there

In the inspection room

They release him & he will be fallen

The boss

Lead him to chair.

They do.


I’ve heard you want to allocate one person to look after those dirty Jews. I’ve heard you were saying/

The boss

It is not related to you


Why did you catch me? If you can find the man-G-d bless him- who did it.

The boss

We would catch him. But now, you need to cooperate with us.


I won’t cooperate about Jews.

One officer

Sir, it has no result. He knows nothing.

The boss

I agree. But he should stay until we find the clue.

The officer

Yes, Sir.

The scene shows angry Muslims in front of Police department

One officer to them by loud-speaker

You have closed the way. You should go and let us do our jobs.

They chant.


Release our Imam

Two officers come to boss’ room

Inside the police department

In the Boss office

The officer

Sir, our colleagues have something for you in the adjacent room.

They go and two other officers are in there.

The officers

Hello Sir…

The Boss

Hi, I’ve heard you have something.

An officer

Yes Sir, this is the one who knows the killer. All his signs are exact.

The boss

You are injured by him?

The boy

Yes Sir, I am Jewish, a student.

The boss

Take him to face recognition room.

One officer

Yes, Sir.

The boss

I want the killer to be here in 48 hours


Yes, Sir.

36 hours later

Inspection Room

LA police

A fat Arab man is being questioned

He cries and says nothing…

The police officer

Why did you kill him?

The officer

Who hired you to kill them?

He does not respond to any question and only cries with fear.

One high police calls and tells that he should be freed,

The boss

But Sir, he is a killer

The phone

You should release him; this is a command from top

The Boss

Yes, Sir

Then the screen shows angry Jewish men collected in front of LA police department.

The text in the black screen

Jamal Shaikh was the name of the killer. He was in risk by angry Jewish radicals and he knew this. Two other Arab friends try to pave the way for his escape and hiding him. They hide him and rest comes back to the city.


The End.
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Please write in standard screenplay format. If you're not sure what that is, you can find sample screenplays on line.

Then upload a pdf to google drive or similar so we can read it more easily.
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