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Help writing

I have an idea for a Syfy show and I'm looking for someone to write with.

The story would take place in a utopic society. The world is ruled by one man, Cardinal, and a World Council. Cardinal is loved all over the world, peace has been accomplished, poverty eradicated.
This society is built on three key principles: the miracle, the mystery and the authority. A hundred years ago, the world was divided into countries, and countries into social classes. Those divisions brought the world into never ending wars and conflicts. Religions were also great cause of discordance between men, because all of them claimed to have the true, the only true.
After the horrendous World War III, initiated because of the conflict between USA and the Islamic Regimes, the UN voted for a new world order, and the countries, still devastated, accepted gladly. Cardinal was elected as leader -the Inquisitor- and the UN was turned into his council.
In his first speech, he proclaimed: “there are no crimes and, therefore, there is no sin; there’s only hungry”. All of people desires were to be satisfied. There would be no more poverty, no famish, no unhappiness. In exchange, he would lift the “horrendous burden that is free will”. The miracle.
No more religions would be allowed, but one, and the supreme leader would be the Inquisitor. Men would have to submit to him without reason, even against the dictates of their consciences. Like that, they will be released of the difficult decision of telling what’s right and what’s wrong. There would be no more fight over who has the truth. An elite team of psychologist would replace any notion of priests. They would keep the sanctity of the conscience at ease. The mystery.
With these principles, humanity would be driven like an obedient flock. Authority. Whoever commits acts ruled forbidden by the inquisitor would have one punishment alone: he would be vanquished from the world’s market. A ban would be issue, and he won’t be able to buy or sell anything.
Is in this world that Thomas is born. His father, Selah, was a politician, founding member of the World Council. He met Audial on a bar one night, had sex in the bathroom and forgot about her, until a few months later, when she approaches him in the street, pregnancy test in hand. He gave money to get lost, demanding no one would no he was the father. Audial got married later and raised the boy but kicked him out when hi turned 18. He didn’t go to college, has no friends, lives alone in his apartment, watching TV all day, thanks to the government’s benefits.
The day after turning 20 his life will change when Cardinal visits Capital City. In the rally, Thomas bumps into some shady people, who later interrupts the Inquisitor’s speech with some huge signs “FREEDOM!”. Even though the Minions -the ones in charge of the peace- flag them, the events caught Thomas attention and he decides to talk to the unruly.
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Concept sounds interesting enough, many groups of characters and ties into like a “1984” type society. Think more on a production design standpoint and make it even more fantastical - meaning make it a total escape from reality.
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