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DaVinci Resolve - simple slide show

Although I got HitFilm, Iím gonna use DaVinci Resolve for the slideshow. And there is the problem! I wanna create a simple one Š la Movie Maker without any animation. So, how can I avoid animations? Or arenít they automatically there?
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I don’t know any professional, semi-professional, or pro-sumer NLE that automatically animates stills.

HitFilm and DaVinci both: drop your still into the timeline and adjust it to fill the frame, and you should have no movement.
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I'm guessing you already have this issue sorted, but incase someone else is wondering... I use Resolve as my primary NLE for end-to-end. For stills, just go to the Media panel (controls on the bottom) import your stills into the Media Pool, switch to the Edit panel, drag and drop the stills onto the timeline, drag the edge of the still to adjust the length of time it appears on screen, add any transitions you want, lather-rinse-repeat. You add audio by dragging it to the Audio line and you can adjust the volume in Edit or you can use Fairlight to tune the audio. Once you are happy with your project, click the Deliver button and select your output format, title, and destination, click Add To Render Que, then go to the other side of the screen and click Render. Good to go.

ETA: I just bought a used DaVinci panel for $100.

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