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Where can i find a free to use Video-Audio Library?

I looked everywhere but found no audio library or video library that can be used for free.
if you know where to find, please let me know, thanks !!
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film guy
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Also search the creative commons db.
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Alcove Audio
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It all depends upon exactly what you're looking for. But, it seems to me, that you did not do a very thorough search. Many sites that charge for sounds and visuals have a small "For Free" section.

For sounds and even a few music tracks you can start with Asbjoern, Samplephonics, and Partners In Rhyme; they have limited free sections. There is also FreeSound.org; you wade through lots of crap to find the diamonds, so you need patience.

For visuals I'm sure that others have more detailed information, but Videvo.net has a fair sized collection of free clips.

The mother load for sound and visuals is , of course, archive.org. It's a mix of various Creative Commons and copyrighted materials, so you need to read usage terms very carefully. And, as with FreeSound, you need patience to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Good Luck!
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Thanks guys
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The Tune Peddler
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I agree with Alcove Audio and would add https://incompetech.com/ (depending on if you can credit him, then it's free). He's got a lot of really cool music up there.

I also have a small free section my site here https://thetunepeddler.com/free-tunes/
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Modern Day Myth Prod. LLC
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Do a Google search for Public Domain media, music, sound Fx, and videos. You'd be surprised what's available for free these days.
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