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Acting crazy (Need tips on this character)

Hello everyone!

I am currently writing an action film/movie, and one character in the shortfilm will be heavily based on Jimmy from Hardcore henry.
My question: How does one act like this?
Any tips about acting crazy are very welcome!
I will leave a link to the video, so you can understand the character im aiming at.

Thanks in advance!


Jimmy comes into play around 4:28

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Have you tried hanging around people that take the same drugs as Jimmy?
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Lucky Hardwood
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Hi, welcome to Indie Talk. Just act like the character you referenced. Go scene by scene and attempt to emulate his movement, expression, and mannerisms. Practice in front of a mirror or, better yet, film yourself and review after. "Play" the character for friends and family and have them rate your performance. I played a cocaine addicted high school student in a movie and I have never done coke in my life.
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Thanks for the welcoming Lucky!
Very good idea, i will analyse his behavior and try to simulate it.
Im also working on his accent, but i dont know what his accent is classified as.
Is it the "cockney" accent? I have no idea.

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I'm noticing two things about Hardcore Henry: his voice and his mannerisms.

His voice is high pitched and has an accent, yes, but it also has an odd cadence - check out the weird pauses, even as he emotes in a very intense, conversational, yet positive way. The rhythm of his speech pattern seems key.

His mannerisms are trembly and enthusiastic, uninhibited. Look at the way he uses his arms and his neck in particular.

IMHO, being crazy is having a different belief system about reality than the rest of us share. So you can think about that - what makes your character's belief system different from the rest of the characters? Does he think everything is just wonderful when they're scared out of their minds? Or is he super angry when the rest of them are peaceful? What about his belief system makes him behave that way?
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Well, try to find what is the key of real insanity. For me is subtlety. You need to decide what type of insanity he has. The easiest one might be sociopath.
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Tell the actor to watch Scarface but do it badly.

On a more serious note, note the mannerisms in his speech. There's no real consistency to the tone and pace. His physical mannerisms are overbearing and diifcult to read. What you're really looking at is a very unpredictable character. He controls the scene because others cannot predict his movements. There are sudden changes to behaviour, and his personality is confusing and paranoid. His tension makes others tense.

This sort of highly strung character is very easy to overplay, so it's important that you try to understand his mind in the best way to explain it to the actor.
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