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Be a good director in your own counrty.
Make sure your skills get noticed and that your projects make money.
Get to know people in the global scene and the Hollywood scene.

That might earn you an 'invitation' to Hollywood.

Paul Verhoeven worked this way: he made several good Dutch features.
'Turks Fruit' was the best visited Dutch film ever.
'Soldaat van Oranje' got great reviews from over the world and opened the 'Hollywood-door' (a bit) for Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Totall Recall, Basic Instinct), Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Sin City, Blind Fury, etc) and Jeroen Krabbé (The Fugitive, The Living Daylights).
But the open door is just the first step: then you have to work hard to 'materialize' your changes. (Some people think the open door is the finish, but it's just a new start at a new level.)

Or go to Hollywood, work your ass of as a waiter, meaning your resume will get more blank spots, because you are so busy making a living, you hardly have time to invest in your network, portfolio and skills...
When you go, you should have the means to stay alive for at least 2 months, so you can work on your network and skills.
And make sure your portfolio has something good and promising to show, before you go there.

Good luck and send a 'moved to Hollywood' notice to these boards when you get there
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