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Photographer expanding to video - Love of kit questions!

Hello all

I'm a photographer but hoping to expand into some video projects such as stock footage, and eventually perhaps some drama. I would like to expand my kit to cover some video bases.
I've been doing some research but haven't yet nailed down my next purchases. Any advice would be grately appreciated!
I've decided a 4k camera can wait until I have other bases better covered.

Here's what I have: Nikon d750, prime lenses (28/45/85/105), ND filters, light stands, umbrellas, softboxes, iMac, Studio Speakers, Zoom H1.

Here's what I've ordered so far: Cheapish Q555 tripod, Manfrotto 502 "fluid" head, Filmcity HS-2 follow-focus.

I've been looking at rails for the follow focus but my knowledge in that area is very limited. Also no idea how they would play with the tripod, and potentially, a shoulder rig. Any tips on this would be especially helpful. Could you shoot a drama short with only a tripod, or do you feel a shoulder rig or steadicam is essential?

Also thinking about a whip for the follow focus, and an LCD viewfinder/loupe for the camera.

Regarding audio, I love the sound quality from the Zoom, but I imagine a lav mic and shotgun mic would be very useful additions for distant shots and outdoors, respectively. I'm considering a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones, though I imagine there are cheaper options for monitoring audio in the field.

I have lens hoods and ND filters, so I really don't feel like a matte box is urgent, but please correct me if I'm wrong there!

For lights, I've been looking at the Manfrotto Spectra stuff. Seems very affordable for something with >90 CRI.

Also, is it insanity to attempt to use the cameras LCD for focussing? - is a bigger monitor screen essential?

pheww... that almost got ranty! Thanks for getting through it.
All comments welcome!

(PS - The title was supposed to say "*lots* of kit questions" but I can't edit it now.. eek!)
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lights, mic, rig, stablization, viewfinder

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