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Free Music From Unknowns

This has probably been posted somewhere before. But, just in case it hasn't.

A great way to get music is search myspace for the type of music you're looking for. Find good songs from unknown artists and ask if you can use their song in your movie for screen credit. 99.9% of them will jump at the chance. It's a win/win situation for all concerned.

If you have a certain type of song in mind for a certain section. You should scan for a song you like, get the signed contract, and edit to the song. It's almost like having a song written especially for your movie.
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Go with the "Don't ask? Don't get!" principle.

My last flick had several tracks freely given by MySpace musicians. All it cost was a polite e-mail, and sending a postage-paid return envelope for a signed release. Gotta make it as easy as possible, for 'em.

There's a lot of talent out there. Even an honest (I have no dollars) posting to CraigsList (for scoring) will yield a lot on replies from musicians looking to gain experience.
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That is a good idea.

I've also made a couple of low budget films in the past and created my own soundtrack/score/audio post production for them. It's really the way I see my career going now. I'm a music technology lecturer/teacher and would relish the opportunity to work on an interesting project and as mentioned before, as I'm trying to establish myself... I'd be willing to work on the "right project" for a screen credit - no strings attached.

Speaking from a sound engineer/musician's point of view, this is a very difficult industry to get into (as it is for all aspects) so offering your services for free is a great way to build up a porfolio of work and I'm not suprised there are plenty of us out there willing to do so.

So if you've got something "interesting" in the making and you're looking for a professional score/soundtrack/audio post production let me know!
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I might be interested. I am making a feature drama and I currently don't have a score. Do you have any music samples?
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Sam Harry Hawkins
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ye i'm in an indie band and as long as we were in the credits and maybe a little text mention in the trailer (obvioly not if the trailer is trying to get a horror creepy feel or something.) we would let people use our songs.
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I'm one of those myspace artists who would like to hear my songs included in a film.
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There are some great musicians on myspace. Thats the whole reason I have an account there. It's still one of the best places for connecting to bands and musicians. Even if the general social networking use of the site has dropped.
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