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Originally Posted by Scoopicman View Post
Did something move you recently?

Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
Don't go to a D-Box theater.
That made me laugh out loud for real. Thank your for that. <3

Originally Posted by WalterB View Post
If that is a problem you might want to consider watching stills instead ;-)

Moving should be the goal!
Amaze, scare, depress, shock, thrill or make them laugh, smile, yearn, cry (from grieve, relief or happiness) or feel triumphant or in love.

On my bucket list are:
- making a moving that is so moving the viewer wishing (s)he was dead. (Like Requiem for a Dream.)
- making a movie that makes one feel in love with the world and filled with wonder.

It might take me the rest of my life to accomplish that....
So true. Well said.

Originally Posted by Feutus Lapdance View Post
How is that a problem?
Good question. I was just being ironic. Well…mostly. My love for them has waned somewhat these days. Or become more complicated, conflicted…or maybe…even a bit mistrustful or even resentful.

Originally Posted by sfoster View Post
sounds like a terrence malick film
LMAO. That gave me a good and much appreciated, chortling laugh. <3

Originally Posted by Scoopicman View Post
Yeah, we're joking around about that. I'm trying to figure what got under Richy's skin. He started the thread and then failed to elaborate about it. I'm guessing that something really mindf#%ked him. Hopefully, he's okay.
Hugs, Scoop! Sorry I didn't answer right away. I was afraid I had made another frivolous thread and IT might be cross with me for it. So I thought maybe I shouldn't feed it. Thank for you for your thoughtful responses, as always!

Yeah. I re-watched a film that moves me and was moved to post about that experience, haha. But these days I have mixed feelings about that, about movies generally, the business, the aspiration to be a part of it, etc. That's where it was coming from. Nonetheless, there I was, watching a movie I had already seen and getting my socks knocked off (emotionally) AH-gain.
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