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Can someone tell me the name of this transition?

Hi all!
I'm new to filmmaking (as well as this forum). Can someone tell me what the name of the transition at 0:40 is called?

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It's not a transition. It's a camera move, It's called a whip pan.
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It looks like all the cameraman did was pan the camera to the right 180 degrees.
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Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
It's not a transition. It's a camera move, It's called a whip pan.
It is indeed a whip pan and it can be used to hide a cut, making it a possible 'invisible cut technique'. But it doesn't always means there was a cut in there.
In Birdman whip pans were used a lot to make invisible cuts.
However, it is not 'a transition' like 'crossfade', 'wipe', 'dip to black', which are often regular presets in the software. Traditionally, transitions aren't really meant to be invisible, but a storytelling tool to devide scenes by space and/or time.

To use this trick you really need to do the pan whip. It is not software doing it for you.
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And welcome to IndieTalk!
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Welcome DeeLee!
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