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CASTING CALL for Short Film “Anita”

Director: Eason Chen
Producer: Winter Prince

A young girl trapped in an abusive household succumbs to drug use as a form of escapism,
however, her hallucinations convince her to instead seek revenge on her sadistic stepfather.

Character breakdown

Anita | Female | 17-20 yrs |Caucasian | LEAD
A teenage girl who’s grown up in a dysfunctional family, having dealt with domestic violence from her step-father and drug addiction which has made her into rebellious, angry young woman who lives in constant a state of fear. However, within her lies a compassionate heart and a
desire to see justice served.

For Anita, please prepare one of the following monologues from Kill Bill for the audition.
Kill Bill, Monologue # 1
Kill Bill, Monologue # 2

Patrick | Male | 45-50 yrs |Caucasian | LEAD
An old man, who is the step-father of Anita. With a criminal past, mental health issues that are
exasperated by his frequent drug use, Patrick is a man who is angry with the life he leads, angry with his
wife and what he perceives as her weakness but most of all, he is angry with Anita for her rebellious
spirit. All this rage and drug use manifests itself in him being physically and emotionally abusive towards
his family

Jane (Mother)| Female | 38 – 42 yrs | Caucasian | SUPPORTING
A formal classic beauty that has lost her beauty and vitality after the hardships she has undergone.
From the breakdown of her first marriage, caring for her young children and ultimately ending up in an
abusive relationship, Jane is a shell of her former self. Like her daughter, she lives in constant fear
however her greatest fear is being alone and not having a man in her life to provide for her.

AUDITION DATE: Jan. 30, 2018
SHOOTING DATES: March 22 to 25, 2018
Rate:Low pay, negotiable.

Please submit to winter@hksltd.ca with your headshots and resume.

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