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I want some pro to say how good am I?

Am I good enough to make money by doing only ONE project?
I mean any writer buys my work or be cowriter....

my blog: http://myfilmsneedlove.blogspot.com/

Please say your idea. I know I am non-English, so, in spite of it, say your sum-up idea.

No one has some professional idea?


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Alien X
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I would love to make movies with u
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plz contact me to: fns_rd [at] yahoo.com


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You need to write in a proper script format. As posted on your blog, the ideas are only fragments. So nobody would consider paying any money for these when completed, properly written scripts are readily available. Second, you might approach filmmakers in schools or areas close to where you live about working together. Third, you might simply write these up as a collection of short stories. Many times, filmmakers will work with writers but create their own scripts based on short stories. This happens many times with writers like Stephen King and others.

I think you are imaginative and have good ideas. I am suggesting that you should write in a way that best shows off your ideas. Since you are not familiar with script format, you should either learn it through studying scripts online and reading books OR you should write these as short stories and allow others to transform your stories into scripts.

Good luck.
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