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Anyone know you even begin to get started with some financing for a film. Want to do most of it out of pocket, but I am a believer in paying cast and crew and that is going to get quite expensive.
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There are three ways to financing your movie.


Most first timers self finance. This is usually the method for the
first several movies.

Donations are usually limited to friends, family and people who
know you. There are now websites where you can “crowd fund” - get
people who do not know you personally to donate money. As you can
imagine, this is not a very successful method. After all, YOU have
never given money to a complete stranger so they can make a movie.
Most people are just like you. But the hope persists so these
websites collect a fee and filmmakers ask for money.

Investors are looking for a project that will make them some
money. Not make their investment back - make a profit. This method
is usually restricted to filmmakers with a track record.

So you’re asking how do you get started.

You need to answer the following questions:
1) What format is it being shot on?
2) What is the budget?
3) What's the intended market and what is your distribution plan?
4) What ROI are you offering?
5) What funding do you have in place already?
6) What names are involved in the project?
7) Is there anyone involved in the project who has successfully
taken a film to market and produced a profit for investors?
8) What existing feature credits does your primary team have?

That’s your starting point. How many of the eight can you answer?
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