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Help with Sony UWP-D11


I've been having a lot of trouble with my Sony UWP-D11 Wireless Mic.

I am a noob and I am sure its all me and not the hardware itself... 100%

Here's a sample clip - http://www.mediafire.com/file/71ifm6...n/D11_Test.wav

can someone check it and let me know if this raw audio is acceptable..

My setup for this clip - UWP-D11 through the A6300 via SMAD-P3

I have extracted the audio from the video, cropped via audition to keep the file size low (2.7 mb)

I am losing my mind here... the setup is not the problem - there's not a lot of noise around - I use both the NTG3 and the Zoom H6 here with no issues... hell even smartphone mics dont pick up this much noise..

Key Points Worth Mentioning
1. Attenuation - 24db (any lower and the noise increases)
2. Gain on the Receiver - +6db
3. I am guessing the A6300 has some kinda of AGC - not sure
4. Even when on mute I still get some mild static - I have checked the receiver and synced the rf light glows green indicating the channel to be clear

I have no idea where to seek help and you guys helped me out with my NTG 3 in the past (got bass traps and its AMAZING now) so hoping for your help again

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Have you checked out how it sounds if you send ut straight into a recorder?
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