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First Rough Draft Ready

Well, for those of you who might be interested, I have finally completed a rough first draft of the script for this project.

If anyone would be interested in reading it, PM me and I will email you a PDF.

Just a reminder, I may or may shoot this in the 1:1 format hotly debated here a while back. But no matter how I shoot it, I want to have a solid script.

So, I guess this is where the rubber meets the road. Anyone interested in tearing into some fresh meat? Let me know. I look forward to your brutal honesty.
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I have already experimented the same concept

Hi to everyone
I just gone thorough the threads
I think I have already experimented the concept of shooting the 90 Min. feature in the weekday.
i.e. on sat. and sunday.
Let me share my experience with all of you.
First I have selected a suspence thriller play which was written and directed by me and well received by audience. Than I have converted it in to the screenlay.I know a person who allow me to shoot in his farmhouse for free. I visited the farmhouse and photograph every room,kitchen etc. Than I make the Changes in to the sreenplay.
I downloaded the 3d storyboard software "frame forge demo". It has a limitation of only 20 Shots.With this limitation I have completed the storyboard of my screenplay with actors and camera moves.It has now 78 scenes and 834 shots.
After that I Prepare the shooting schedule for 2 days.and 4 shifts.
I plan rehersals for one week.
Every one thought me as mad except my wife and my assistant. But I was determined to make the movie (shooting) in 2 days.
Upto here everything works as per the plan.But problem start as actual shooting start.I have hire a 3ccd dv camera.and overall 20 different lights.
There are numerous problems both technical and non technical .
In the end I have finished the shooting in 2 days and 5 shifts. But after i see the results I have decided to reshoot some of the scenes in other location which takes another 1 day and 2 shifts.
After that I have dumped the shooting in to my pc. I am now doing the editing with premier pro.
I have prepare the 1st rough version which was appreciated by our local critics.So IT IS POSSIBLE TO FINISH THE SHOOTING OF 90 MIN MOVIE IN 2-3 DAYS
I dont know how much my experience will help. But i feel like sharing with you.
Anti-climax.: I am planning a thriller in 16mm later blows to 35mm in 15-20 days schedule.with 24 ext. and 28 int. location and 5 songs.
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Have you considered mixing formats? The dream sequence seems like an ideal chance to switch formats. If this is the style of the script, maybe you shoot it mostly on 24p and then shoot the more vivid imagination stuff on 35mm. Maybe you can use your one weekend to shoot a portion of the film on 35mm and then stitch it together with the drab world of DV shot over a couple of weekends.

The only other off the wall idea I have to accomplish the work would be to shoot the film making the camera (think steadicam) one of the actors. If you rehearsed the heck out of it and did it all as a POV shot the audience might be more forgiving of mistakes, etc. Also, the lack of cutaways and cutting in general might be less painful. Movement of the camera could be choreographed into the blocking, possiby practicing on DV. At least it would not feel like you setup a camera and recorded a play.

That said, I have only seem one first person POV film and it was really lame. But maybe you can do better!

Whoa, didn't realize this thread was soo old!

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Old but still alive. I am still in the process of deciding how best to do this film so any ideas or notes are appreciated!
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