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What is the purpose of your shoot? By that I mean - is this an exercise in getting actors to think about framing? To experience the decisions and mind-set that happens behind the camera? Are you trying to put together a showreel? Or are you trying to make a fully fledged film...?
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Well, we want ro make a showreel. But in order to do that we figured its more fun and challenging to make our own. Where i live its a small market for an actor like me so i have to show my speciality myself instead of waiting for the right project to come up to do it for me. So i make my own materials! And if thats the case we werent gonna be satisfied with doing just a clip. Not just a scene taken from another film. So we are gonna make our own shortfilm.

And most importantly. We learn what it takes to be an actor in film and the process of doing it in every apartment!

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