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What are some tips and considerations when creating a split screen sequence?

I am thinking of shooting a split screen sequence for my short film despite me having little knowledge on how it works. Any tips and feedback is always appreciated and i'll take it to account.
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El Director
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Depends on what kind of split screen effect you're after. Are you doing the Parent Trap thing? Two people on the phone talking?....
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I am going for a montage kind of style where multiple footage (hopefully more than 2) are occurring.
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Checkout Steven Soderbergh's TIMECODE or the UNFRIENDED movies, or even Ang Lee's HULK (several comic frame sequences).

In HULK and UNFRIENDED, sometimes they go full frame, and sometimes different panes appear, depending on what's happening. I think it's good to change it up.
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remember the audience can only look at one at a time.

if one person is standing still and the other person is moving around then you know where the audience will be directing their attention.

its similar to a regular shot when all the actors look at the person talking - you have to direct the audiences eye where you want it.

storyboard both sequences and decide where you ideally want the audience to look and when
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Split Screen Squences

Hey Bud!

Great question! I actually just finished a project that I created specific to make a split screen sequence! I wrote this blog to let other experience my mind set throughout the whole process of creating this thing from creation to storyboarding to the application and finished product.

Check this out:

Hope this helps!
Joseph Cadwell
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splitscreen split screen

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