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6/14 Update: We will be back asap. Posting is disabled until further notice.
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Inspired and experimental duo looking to write soundtracks.

Hello, my name is John, and together with my partner Yashashwi we are 'Patterns in the Ivy', a band based in Liverpool UK specialising in Worldbeat & Electronic music and soundtrack work.

Here is our CV, it lists our past and current projects and gives some other important details.

We've done a few collaborations through Indietalk before- I worked with Nick Hilton on 'Woolies', and more recently we recorded soundtracks for three pieces by Gary Scullion.

We are dedicated to professionalism, originality and experimentation- we are looking for inspiring projects that can give us the opportunity to work with new techniques and instruments and to create quality art.

This our website, where you can have a listen to some of our music.


We are students trying to make our way in a very competitive industry and I'm sure you can understand that money becomes increasingly important every day- as much as we enjoy making music it still takes a huge amount of time and effort. We won't break the bank though, everything is negotiable and all we ask is some compensation for our efforts.

Please get in touch.
If you want to contact us, feel free to send a message on here, or to our e-mail address.
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These guys are really great, would definitely vouch for them!

Some day, when I'm super rich and famous, I'm going to send you an enormous cheque!
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Not if we send you one first.
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