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First Day of the American Revolution Documentary live streaming


Instant access via live streaming!

Also available in Blu-ray or DVD - send email request

The Story of the First Day of the American Revolution Documentary

Runtime 1 hour 52 minutes
High definition - 1440 x 1080

This nearly two-hour documentary is a thrilling narrative of the events of the first day of the American revolution as well as the actual sites and locations in and around Boston, Lexington, Concord, Menotomy/Arlington, Lincoln and Cambridge Massachusetts where the events of the first day of the American Revolution took place. Walk in the footsteps of the rebels and their British Army foes and hear the true, intricate details of the stories of those who were there on that history-making day! Some of these stories you will be hearing for the first time! See the actual sites where the first blow for liberty and freedom was struck. In this compelling movie you go with us to the sites of the first day of the revolution including, Lexington Battle Green, Battle Road, Minuteman National Park, The Old North Church (one if by land - two if by sea), Paul Revere's Charles River crossing location, Hartwell Tavern, Paul Revere capture site, bloody angle, Merriam's corner, Old State House (scene of the Boston massacre), Old South Church (were the Sons of Liberty departed from to commence the Boston Tea Party), Griffin's wharf (location of the Boston Tea Party), Faneuil Hall (the Cradle of Liberty) North Bridge, Paul Revere House, the old belfry, Quincy Market, Buckman Tavern, the warship U.S.S Constitution and much more! Included is the never before seen amazing ascent inside the actual Old North Church to the steeple of Old North where the actual lanterns were hung that signaled the march of the British troops as immortalized in Longfellow's poem, "Paul Revere's Ride." See where the events that changed American as well as world history occurred! Listen to the thrilling narrative and learn the inside, intricate details of what happened that fateful day. These are the actual personal stories and tragedies of that bloody day!

A fraction of what you will see, hear and learn about!

Battle Road
North Bridge
Lexington Battle Green
Ascent to the top of the Old North Church Steeple
Paul Revere House
The flight of leading rebels John Hancock and Sam Adams to avoid capture
Paul Revere's account of his ride and his eye-witness account of the battle
Paul Revere's Charles River crossing and landing locations
Boston Common embarkation point
Lechmere Point landing location of the British troops
Samuel Whittemore - 80-year-old combat hero
Location of the Salem powder alarm - first blood/armed conflict
Location of the Somerville powder house riot - a precursor to the battle of Lexington
Old State House - scene of the Boston Massacre
Old South Meetinghouse - the departure point for the Boston Tea Party
The burning of the hated Gaspee
Griffins Wharf - scene of the Boston Tea Party . . .

. . . and much, much more!

For help email
jeff201799 at comcast.net
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